About the Artist

Hello and thank you for visiting Ingrini


My name is Claudia and I am the Designer and Founder of Ingrini.

Ingrini Jewellery is made with love using real petals found in Holland, other natural elements and assembled with parts sourced in Europe. 

Each piece is unique. No two pieces will ever be the same. Each one has its’ own Certificate of Authenticity including a description of petals and material parts used.

It all started with a sentimental bouquet of white Roses that I wanted to last forever.

The story of Ingrini has been a 4-year journey that started in my tiny Cape Town apartment which at one stage questionably resembled an art-science-laboratory of flowers. I started working with petals on different mediums like ceramics, glass and drawings until it finally came together in jewellery.

Ingrini is named after three special women who inspired my love for flowers and jewellery; mom Ingrid and late grandmothers Doreen and Chrissie. 

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, please click here.